Let us assist you in preventing injury to your employees so that they can focus on doing their best job in a safe environment.

Decrease work-related injuries and increase employee productivity and engagement.

Work Safe Consulting, LLC offers professional consulting and on-site clinic services to companies in Nebraska and Iowa seeking assistance for: injury prevention, ergonomics, employee and employer training, program development, and the ADA interactive accommodation process.

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Weekly, on-site early intervention clinics for employees can be utilized for both work-related and non-work-related discomforts. Employees enjoy having free access to a skilled therapist at their place of employment. Catching a work-related discomfort early, can prevent it from becoming a serious injury down the road. Work Safe believes that prevention is ideal for both the employee and the employer.


Industrial ergonomics can be complicated since the job generally involves large, expensive equipment and many employees who can be a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Fitting the job to the worker is a complicated process that will generally involve stakeholders from departments that can include: the employees performing the job, health services, safety, engineering, production management, HR, and others. With industrial ergonomics, the goal is to make the job the safest it can be for the widest variety of people. Industrial ergonomics can vary from very small projects to very large projects.


Office ergonomics is the science of fitting the workspace to the worker. Having the desk workspace properly setup can decrease various discomforts that are common in office workers such as neck, shoulder, and wrist discomfort. Individualized ergonomic assessments for your team also include comprehensive training and education provided. Each ergonomic assessment will include a written summary of the recommendations made during the in-person assessment. 

ADA Interactive Accommodation Process

Work Safe can work with your human resources representatives to assist with reasonable accommodation requests. Our training and clinical experience as occupational therapists, in addition to specialized ergonomic training and experience, can assist your HR department in their interactive process for reasonable accommodation requests.


Knowledge is power. When your employees know how to prevent work-related injuries, they are able to proactively participate in maintaining a safe work environment for themselves and others. Training programs are developed according to each client’s needs.


Let us assist you in preventing injury to your employees so that they can focus on doing their best job in a safe environment. Customized programs for your company could include train the trainer, stretching, and more depending on your company’s specific needs.


Custom service packages can be developed. Contact us to discuss additional service offerings to meet your business’s specific needs. Just let us know what you need, and we will do our best to assist you in developing solutions.

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Work Safe Consulting’s goal is to assist clients and tailor services to meet each client’s individual needs.